看美國網民如何惡搞 笑翻了

看美國網民如何惡搞 笑翻了(網路圖片)

網友表示想給新買的Tablet下載一些Apps,到play store里逛了逛,發現有一款 Solar Charger可以把tablet的觸屏變成solar panel,對tablet進行充電!天哪!再看了一下產品介紹,原來是個惡搞,專門騙那些不看介紹就徑直下載的用戶。reviews竟然有 5 star(五星),點進評論裡一看,差點笑翻了,網友爭相惡搞,可能有上千條,摘了幾條下來大家樂一下。

Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 1.1

The revolution has begun!

For how long we’ve been waiting for this… and somebody smart has finally put it together! No more carrying the charger around, buying spare batteries (I just did last month… :( …), and it’s a GREEN solution!! In fact the charging may continue even in the dark after taking the phone back from constant sunlight, the app must convert the heat into energy, I tell you my battery charge went up further 2% after bringing the phone into the dark! Very clever!


我已經等多久了…終於有聰明人把它做出來了。用不著再隨身帶著充電器,也不用再買備用電池了, 這可是個綠色解決方案!!事實上把手機從陽光下拿走放到黑暗中充電還是會繼續,這個app肯定是也能把熱能轉換成電能,我告訴你把手機放到沒光的地方我的電池還充了2%的電!太聰明了!

HTC Wildfire S with version 1.1

Am I doing something wrong?

Downloaded fine, followed directions and put in direct sunlight and it drains battery…might be me, or England’s spectacular weather…either way this isn’t working :(




(Droid Bionic with version 1.1)


Charged my phone faster than my quick charger. Thank you and god bless. These developers are truly Friggin amazing!!!!! I havent used my cable charger in 2 weeks!!! 5 STARS.


(Samsung Galaxy Y with version 1.1)

This is revolution.

I installed this app a while ago and now, I’m buying a cheap android phone for each device I have like a refrigerator, tv etc. thanks to this app, I am ending my electricity subscription. And those who rated it low, if you leave your device under the sun for an hour a day for a week, it’ll work. The mobile I bought to charge my Computer had this problem, now it’s fixed. If not, you should consider buying a new phone.



(HTC Desire HD with version 1.1)

Took me a while to figure out, but it works!

Once I figured out how to turn on my phones light sensor this app charged my phone in 3 hours. Lost a star as it needs direct sunlight and not as fast as a wall charger. Very good app overall!



(Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 1.1)

Great apps

Very intelligently done! Work like it said it should. Seriously those people that can’t get this app to work should just get an iPhone instead. Rtfm!



(Motorola Droid RAZR with version 1.1)


After downloading this app I was able to fight off Chuck Norris,.Edward from Twilight, and I lost 600 pounds in two hours! AMAZING!


下載了這個app之後,我打跑了Chuck Norris,還有「暮光之城」的Edward,我還在兩個小時之內減了600磅!帥!

(LG Optimus Black with version 1.1)

Worth it

We were having a party on the beach at night.. all of a sudden the electricity went down , thanks to this amazing app i repowered the DJ , speaker,lights,a big yacht,hawaii and the moon using starlight Whoever invented this app is genius RESPECT



(Version 1.1)

MY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is beyond amazing. It not only saved my battery, but also my very own life. I was out hiking in the everglades about a week ago. I heard wolves.They began to howl and call the rest of the pack to began a hunt.Then they broke through the trees and shrubbery and saw me.In all actuallity, they were standing level with my eyes and were staring at me with a demonic glare.I ripped my phone out of my pocket and screamed, “Oh by the gods of play store save me!" A sunbeam exploded and killed all the wolves!



(Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 1.1)

Useful app.

Not only did this app work really well, but my wife and I conceived immediately after installation – something the Dr said was impossible due to my not having genitals. Nice.



(Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 1.1)

Saved my life, thank you

So, I have been blessed with a Samsung Galaxy S II, but my friends see it as an arcade. I remember distinctly, it was my mother’s 3rd wedding and my car broke down, but my battery level was non-existent. Alas, with no way to tell my mother I would be late, I thought myself dissowned and cut out of the will. However, a shining beacon of light came down from the sky and shone on me. I remembered I had downloaded this app and my relationship with my mother had been saved. I called her and all was well.



(HTC Evo 4G with version 1.1)

This app saved my life!

Omg Omg this app saved my life! So I was driving home when I have a full on collisob with a huge truck. I went flying out the windshield and broke everything except for my hand. Thanks to this app, my phone was nice and charged so I could call an ambulance!.


(Version 1.1)

Well Done!

Nice App, but I’d like to tell you about another great App I downloaded last week! The App s called “Toilet Paper" and it actually turns your phone into a piece of paper so you can whipe your ass with it! It’s so fantastic! I do just need like 3 phones and my ass is totally clean! Even tried after eating some Chili and it still works great! But I have to admit that it works alot better with an iPhone!


很好的app,不過我想告訴你上星期我下載的另一個很棒的app! 這款App叫做「手紙」,它實際上可以把你手機變成一張手紙,這樣你就可以用它擦pp。太奇妙了。我只要三個手機就可以把我的pp擦乾淨!我甚至還試了試吃過辣椒後會怎樣,也用得很好!不過我得承認如果是iphone的話會更好用。

(HTC Thunderbolt with version 1.1)

Awesome App!

This app is a miracle…literally. I was walking to the bar last night when this guy was laying on the ground. I checked for a pulse but he was a goner. I remembered I installed this app so I put my phone on his chest and BAM, that sucker opened his eyes! He was so alive, he came into the bar and we drank like sailors all night.



(ZTE Blade with version 1.1)


I just read on Freedomwatch’s site that a North Korean state operator with a rival product has been forcing thousands of detainees to write unfavourable reviews of this amazing app, in an effort to discredit it. As an American, I am sickened by this underhanded attack on a fantastic piece of innovation, and I feel it’s the duty of freedom-loving individuals to evangelise about this truly fantastic product. So c’mon people, get the word out there and end the tyranny of phone chargers & Communism!



(HTC Sensation 4G with version 1.1)

Crucial bit of kit.

I am a medics in the Australian outback. This app nearly saved the life of a backpacker who got lost near Ayres Rock. His phone was found next to his scorched body and was fully charged, and if only he could have got a signal, he would be alive today. Awesome!